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Oskui Carpets – Rugs for every setting

As carpet experts and designers we know everything about the soothing effect of the right carpet in a room – but we can only take guesses about your personal preferences. Our categories are here to help you find your favourite style of your new carpet.

Still looking for inspiration? Discover the whole range of our Oskui Carpets collection.

Our modern carpets include everything you could wish for – we have exclusive Designer-carpets, as well as Gabeh Loribaft or Berber-carpets.

Antique, Ziegler, you name it – whether you are looking for classic Persian carpets, Ghom silk or an antique carpet, you will find it in this category.

Discover the colourful geometric patterns of Kelim. Modern or traditional, guaranteed without curlicue.

Sales and Offers

Browse through our carpet collection and you will find beautiful, handknotted carpets for fair prices. We consistently expand our range, so you can always profit from new findings.

Große Vielfalt - Teppiche für jedes Ambiente

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Most popular carpets

We present to you personal favourites, exceptional designs and carpet rarities. Our expert salesmen provide you with outstanding recommendations.

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Moderne Teppiche Designer Kollektion

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Ziegler Teppiche - zeitlose Eleganz

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Modern Carpets

At Oskui Carpets you will find traditional patterns in new colourschemes as well as monochrome handknotted carpets. The exclusive Oskui designs provide a perfect example of modern carpets with familiar ornaments and fresh colours. Modern orient carpets are eyecatchers for your home, offices, reception rooms or retail spaces.

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Classic Carpets

When you are looking for a Kashan, Bidjar, Nain or Sarough, you came to the right address. And if those names are not familiar yet, you can explore the world of traditional knotting art, carpet patterns from provinces of Persia, Nepal, Pakistan or India here at Oskui Carpets.

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The Kelim is a flat-woven carpet with geometric patterns and clear colours. We recommend it as a durable carpet or for complementing a colourful interior design. Included in this category is the Aubusson, a carpet with short pile and French flair.

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Oskui Carpets – Designer, Hersteller und Fachhändler für Teppiche

We are specialists in handmade carpets and can offer you a very wide range: from simple and coarsely knotted to very fine and complex designs. We sell carpets from all important origins, such as Persia, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our range encompasses nomadic carpets, Kilims, classical oriental carpets, ultra-fine silk carpets, as well as modern designer carpets in the transitional style or with abstract patterns.

Ali Oskui - Designerteppiche aus Hamburg
Besides, we know our field well: We have a large showroom in the centre of Hamburg. Our managing director Ali Oskui has been in the industry for over 35 years. As a carpet designer, he has won several international design awards.

Our special service: Customization
We commission the production of most of our collections, which is why you can buy these carpets directly from the manufacturers at accordingly good prices. Plus, everything can be adapted to your personal wishes – sizes, colours, designs, even the materials.

Orient Carpets
There is no such thing as "the" classical oriental carpet. The pieces created in the carpet-weaving countries of the Near and Far East differ enormously – and it is exciting to discover their diversity.We offer all styles, techniques and traditions: colourful, somewhat more coarsely knotted nomadic carpets, carpets inspired by green pastures, mountain ranges and desert landscapes. We have village carpets with clear geometric patterns and floral Ziegler carpets in soft cream and pastel shades. We also offer ultra-fine city carpets – from the long-established manufactories of magnificent metropolises such as Tabriz, Isfahan or Ghom. And last but not least, valuable unique antique pieces that tell you stories of old times, palaces and ruling families.

‍Nicht der passende Teppich dabei? We have a wide range of rugs and carpets from our collection that will compliment your space and portray your personality. Our rugs can serve as a starter for fun conversations. They will be the focal points of your area in your living room or your bedroom, even your kitchen. We offer a 30-day return policy and 24/7 online customer support. You can order your rugs from us and customize them to your liking and style.